Medical Education Programs 

I have written more than 75 accredited continuing medical education (CME) programs for physicians and specialists as well as programs for nurses and pharmacists. Formats include monographs, journal supplements, slide presentations, and online programs. In addition to writing program content, I also write needs assessments, learning objectives, and pre- and post-test questions.

I have also written sales training programs for pharma reps, most recently on migraine, atrial fibrillation, and macular degeneration. 

Patient Education Materials

I especially enjoy writing for patients and building my plain language skills. I’ve written patient supplements for CME programs as well as materials to support clinical research trials. These include recruitment brochures, posters, visit procedure guides, ads, radio scripts, and letters to patients. In one recent year alone, I wrote more than 100 such pieces for clinical trials of patients with depression, HIV, ankylosing spondylitis, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Meeting Coverage

My work has consistently included writing detailed summaries (and sometimes articles and journal supplements) for many types of meetings—government and private workshops, strategic planning sessions, advisory board meetings, institutional review board meetings, and professional conferences. Although I’ve done my share of traveling for meetings, all of my meetings in 2020 have been virtual (Zoom, Webex)—some a full-day in length. 

Special Projects

Did I mention my love of variety and challenges? New formats, topics, audiences, and therapeutic areas are always welcome. In addition to the materials described above, I have written three commemorative books on medical topics, several physician pocket guides, scripts for an online anatomy course, games for a sales training program, magazine articles, and website content. In 2017, I traveled to South Africa to help write a plan for managing tuberculosis in that country.

For a full list of completed projects, please get in touch for a resume and CV.


Cardiovascular Atrial fibrillation – Hypertension – Coronary artery disease – Lipid management – Platelet aggregation  Dermatology Atopic dermatitis  Endocrinology Type 2 diabetes mellitus – Metabolic syndrome  Gastroenterology Colorectal cancer – Inflammatory bowel disease – Ulcerative colitis  Infectious disease Vaccine-preventable diseases (polio, pertussis, chicken pox, meningitis, HPV) – Antibiotic resistance – C. difficile infection – Community acquired pneumonia – HIV – Tuberculosis  Neurology/Neuromuscular Alzheimer’s disease – Parkinson’s disease – Migraine – Multiple sclerosis – Neuroimaging  Obstetrics/gynecology Cervical cancer – Genital warts Oncology Breast cancer – Cervical cancer – Colorectal cancer – Lung cancer – Lymphoma – Prostate cancer  Ophthalmology Glaucoma – Macular degeneration  Orthopedics Bone fracture healing – Minimally invasive and computer-assisted surgery – Wound healing  Psychiatry Depression – Schizophrenia  Pulmonology Asthma – Community-acquired pneumonia – Acute bronchitis – COPD  Rheumatology Ankylosing spondylitis – Osteoarthritis  Transplantation Kidney – Liver  Urology Dialysis – End-stage renal disease – Overactive bladder